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Layla Shalom

February 14, 2001 @ 10:14am
6 lb 12 oz (3030gm) 19" (48cm):

Passover 2001
Next Year in Los Angeles!.

Layla's 1st

MTV Artist of the Year!



A B B Labels
Manufacturer of Labels & Tags.

United States Patent 5,136,459

Pedram Fararooy, Inventor - Granted on August 4, 1992
High Speed current limiting system responsive to symmetrical and asymmetrical currents

  Inner City 100 Summaries
The Top 100 fastest growing Inner City businesses in LA:

#92: ABB Labels of Los Angeles makes labels and tags for clients that range from Dole Foods to Blockbuster Video. CEO's Pedram Fararooy and Albert Khoshbin explain that ABB's strategic location in the inner city of Downtown Los Angeles offers the company several competitive advantages. Among these advantages is proximity to customers and suppliers, which is critical to ABB's quick turnaround time. ABB Labels is located near several of its ink, film, paper, and die suppliers, and to L.A.'s garment district, which provides a nearby client base.

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